Beginning of our trip in Vietnam and ready at 10h30 to leave with the mini van in direction of the border at 25 km of Kep. We are so excited, we were so impatient to visit the country. We cross the border and the time it was impossible to escape from the “medical visit”, 1$ and they didn’t take the temperature, actually just a form to fill and a note to give.

The border crossed direction Ha Thien where our mini van company is located, first discovery one on two people, in the agency and around, talk english, not that simple to find the local sandwich, THE banh mi, so the first meal will be in a canteen.
Our bus finally arrive and it’s a local bus, full with only two seats free at the back. Completely destroy and it’s almost impossible to put our legs. We just thought that will be only for 3h hours and we will be free after so patience… during 5h. The funny thing when we book at the agency they told us the bus will be VIP and the journey short… oupsy!

We finally arrived in Can Tho and we try the couchsurfing for the first time. The concept, you go to sleep with people offering you a private room or a sofa. So in Can Tho we call our host and the time he arrive to pick us up we realise how many scooter they have in the country, a way more than the other we did, it’s impressive. Thank to Binh, our host, we had a lovely time in Can Tho, we discover local food and local activities. We really enjoy.

So in Can Tho, properly you don’t have that much to do but the city is in the Mekong delta so you can definitely do a boat trip and you have to do the floating market.
The boat trip on the Mekong delta was 2h30 and that was our first discovery of the delta lifestyle. We were really happy to be together in our little boat but we started to be kind of disappointed. We thought we will sail outside of the city but not at all, we stayed in town at the beginning in the big part of the delta but after we tookthe little canals, still in town but with a way more vegetation because we are in the middle of the private gardens. A bit disappointed but in the same time no regrets because our captain was so cut with us.

Second discovery and the reason why we pick Can Tho, the floating market. After a first try abort because of the rain, we left at 5h of the morning direction the market with our host Binh. Thank again to him we had a “private” boat, negociated directly with a fishman (probably), to visit the market. Like Binh said, “even if it’s early it’s already too late” and on the boat you don’t have that much of choise anymore. We saw a lot of watermelons saler, pumpkins and pinapples.
Fun fact, if you want to know what is sale on the boat you just have to watch the mast and you will see the item proudly expose.

It’s enjoyable to be here and to observe the sale boat, the small restaurant boat, coming from a big to an other to sale noodle soup or the small cafe boat, saling cold or hot drinks. Some of them came to us and we enjoy a hot tea and try the coffee which looks like a national drink here.

The visit is almost to fast and time fly. After 3 days in Can Tho, it’s time for us to leave and take our bus for Ho Chi Minh.

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