We are back on the road after our Balinese break. Following our 2 months and half at the farm we are really happy to take the road again. The excitement of the road trip come back even if we already know a part of the road wich drive us to Queensland.


Our way came us back to Mataranka.
The town is not amazing, even not beautiful, but we can find a beautiful place, a place we particularly liked. The Bitter Spring, a hot spring.

Here we park the car on the carpark and we walk a bit on a pathway, the palms trees are around us and protect us from the sun. The shade is really welcome because here the sun is a little bit hard.

Our path takes us on a platform where you can admire the river, it blue color rather unique, it transparency and it vegetation. Before to be in the water we already dream. A little bit further we discover two ladders, witch help unto go in the water. Our first reflex, put one of our toe in the water just to be sur the water is not cold, and it’s not at all, like go down immediately without thinking.

We are advise you to take mask and snorkel. The water is maybe completely transparent, but
sometime we can’t see the troncs or the seaweeds. If you are lucky you maybe can see the turtles. The swimming is finally quite short, we follow the current wich drive us a little bit further, close to the exit ladder, then we follow the pathway to come back at the beginning of the loop.

Good tips :

Little Ropper Stockcamp : our camp for the night. When we were there, they were in a middle of renovation of the amenities block, but the place was enjoyable already and that promise to be better at the end.

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