Today it’s a DIY for the one who love sew and who have time just before christmas. I offer you to do a geometric cushion.

To realise a pillow of 40×40 you will need:

    Coton fabric in two color
    lining fabric
    sew machin

First step, make the template of your triangle in paper. I used right triangles. Cut out and report on fabrics.
Cut out your triangle leaving a margin. Take two triangles of different color and sew them together. Repeat the step with all the triangles.


Associate two squares of triangle you did before, sew them together.

Once all the square realised, associate the square in between them to create strips.
When the strips are done, open all the seams using your iron.

Once all the strips are done, take two strips and combine them to alternate color triangles. Sting or build the strips so that they do not move. Once all the bands are done, open the seams. Pay attention to the angles so that they are not too staggered.

Return the square that you got, for my part I had no lining but you can add one, return over the square of triangles, stitch or build. Cut into your fabric a rectangle of 24 × 40 cm (add a few centimeters when you cut it). Create a hem on the longer side

Build the rectangle on the top of the square. Repeat for the other side of the square. Once the whole thing is sewn to return the cover, bring out the angles as much as possible.

And here it is, the cover is ready to welcome the cushion.

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