New day in Japan, we go direction Tenjin for a walk, discover a bit more the city, the mall and the japanese lifestyle. Then go to Ohori parc, a huge parc around a lake. In a little area you can visit a japanese garden, a tiny parc where you can discover the japanese garden art. It’s really peacefull and impressive tout see all the work they did for the beautiful parc.

After that the program was visit of the Fukuoka disaster prevention center, a great center, for kids to teache them how to react in case of earthquake or fire … The center is just nearby the fire station. To teach to the kids they create some excercise “in really condition” like an earthquake when you are at school or the evacuation of a corridor in the middle of a fire.
At the end of the visit we left the center for the Robotsquare. We imagined a big area dedicated to the robot but it’s actually a small room where you can see some robots but not as much as what we thought. Even though we had a good time and we learn some japanese word to give some order to one robot.

End of the day with this high tech visit, we left the day after for Dazaïfu. Tiny city not far from Fukuoka. When we arrive in town the first thing we saw was a street with only gifts shop and one most entirelly dedicated to Guibly Studio, I was completely crazy. In the street you can also see the most famous Starbuck of the district, the architecture was imagine by Kuma Kengo.
At the end of the street we finaly arrive to a big sanctuary surrounded by forest, Tenman-gû. It’s a santuary dedicated to the study and love, we can find a lot of student and couples futur married. We also had the chance to met two young women with traditional kimono.

After this visit we came back to town noisier. A last walk in between the buildings and the malls and we come back to our boat direction Busan.

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