After my « first aid kit » I will show you my toilet case. The one which not take a space. The compact one to equilibrate with my first aid kit.

Everything is solid

In my toilet case everything is solid for a lot of reason. Firstly when it’s solid you can put it in a small box and it’s simple to tidy. Secondly for security purpose, during transportation you can be sur nothing will leek in your bag. Imagine your shampoo everywhere mixed with your toothpaste!!! With solid product it’s finished.
So I have a small box for my soap, an australian brand without palm oil, perfect!

trousse solide

An other small box for my shampoo, from Lamazuna, a french brand. I had a Lush one, the only brand easy to find in Australia, but if you have another australian brand for the shampoo bar, I take it.
My deodorant is not really solid, it’s a paste. It’s also an australian brand, Woohoo. A small pink box, the product is really efficient and even if it’s a little bit expensive, you can use it during a long time.

Oil and coconut oil

I have never been a big moister cream’s user. I’m even a lazy girl, so I never had a lot of beauty products. Worse if I had some I would only use them during 2 weeks and stop after. Because of that I don’t want to loose some space in my bag with a lot of different products, so I discovered the coconut oil. A miracle for me, I use it for my hair, my skin, I mix it with my essential oil. It protects my hair when diving or swimming in the sea water. Sometime I use also some other natural oil like jojoba oil…

My epilator

Yes, yes my epilator, I had it when I was in Asia and I continue to carry it in Australia. Because there is always a power plug somewhere. Finally for me in Australia that was easy because I had a plug in the camper van. In Asia, I never had difficulties to use it except when I was to lazy.

trousse solide

My cup

The last think but a really important one, my cup. I travel with it since over a year now and I can’t leave without it. It has its own little box, big enough to put some water inside and clean it, big enough to boil water and clean the box and the cup at a same time.
It’s my revolution in my backpack, one box and that’s it. Farewell all usual protections ! Moreover when you discover they are very different from the usual ones from home (and you can have a lot of surprise!)

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