We are back with the inauguration of a new section to try to help you preparing your travels. A new topic as, when I packed my bag to go on a trip to Bali I realized there were things that I absolutely need to feel ready to go.
So to start this new section I will tell you about what I have in my special « first aid kit”.

first aid kit

Essential oils

I use a lot of essential oils in my life. I try to use as few drugs as I can, even if I have some basic « classic » ones in reserve of course. I make you the list of the main ones knowing that in my bag I have more oils.
I never leave without my Tea Tree oil, this one is magic and I use it for almost everything. I treat my diving earache with, application outside my ear mixed with a neutral oil and/or eat with honey (I have to admit the taste is disgusting mixed with honey but it’s efficient). I also use it to clean up small wounds and infections or when I have a small spot on my face.
Lavender essential oil is my after sun. I only use it in the evening, when the sun is down because this one is photosensitive. It’s really simple, I mix it with a vegetal oil (coconut, jojoba…) and add 3 drops of lavender oil to spread on your sun burn.
Citronella essential oil : to avoid mosquitos’ bites of course. Unfortunately I discovered that it doesn’t always work well in the word. (Thank to Malaysia and it’s 60 mosquito bites).
Gaultheria essential oil because carrying your backpack all day can hurt your back, a quick massage with a gaultheria and the end of a long day is always good.

Nota : these are my basic use with the essential oils but I’m no professional. Essential oils have strong properties so be careful before using them, ask at your chemist a booklet about essential oils to make sure about their usage. Mine is really small but I have enough information about all the main essential oils and the synergy.

indispensables huiles essentielles

My other remedies

In my first aid kit I have also a healing cream which was home made by my beard man’s sister, thanks again. I also have tiger balms, the white and the red one which I use a lot. It’s like my miracle drug : works for headache, mosquito bites, itchiness, stiffness, backache and much more…
I have an arnica oil for the bruises that I use pure in application on my skin.

first aid kit

My classic first aid kit

In my classic first aid kit I have plasters because a small cuts always happen, some panadol always efficient when everything mentioned before doesn’t work and anti-histamine pills, to prevent from pollen allergies.
You of course already aware that keeping pills’ tabs only and throwing away carton boxes will save you space.
And I never forget my tropical mosquito spray when I go to Asia or in other part of the word with a tropical mosquito ant disease risk.

That’s basically what’s in my first aid kit.
Do not give me that look, this is not so bulky in my bag and I counterbalance with the almost empty toilet bag.

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